Grady High School is next to Piedmont Park in the heart of Midtown Atlanta. The Grady "cluster" is made up of the high school, Inman Middle, and the elementary schools of Hope-Hill, Mary Lin, Morningside, and Springdale Park.

High School Ultimate season begins in February while the Middle School season begins in September. 8th grade students can try out for high school sports. Some 8th graders will end up playing in the Fall for Inman and then in the Spring for Grady... if they make the cut.

We are a "club" sport. That means we don't get the same funding or access to resources within the public school system. As a result, we have amazing Parent Volunteers, Community Coaches, and a LAYOUT CLUB to help coordinate playing other schools and pay for the season.

USA Ultimate is our national governing body. They sanction the National High School Championship game each year. The Atlanta Flying Disc Club (AFDC) is a USAU affiliate and organizes the High School and Middle School leagues through AFDC Juniors.